Path to OSCP

This is the journey of getting my OSCP certification.

tl;dr watch me fail at stuff and explain how you should not repeat my mistakes.

- myself

Each post below contains 'show notes' of the vlog entry and usually a bunch of links to relevant content. If you want to just watch through the entire thing, I have made the videos available as a YouTube playlist: Path to OSCP

You can also check out the compilation of useful links on my Pinboard

And my most often linked URL: How to OSCP

Path to OSCP - Part 1

First part of my series on how and what I learn as I prepare and, eventually, go through the OSCP certification within the next two months.

Path to OSCP - Part 3

Wherein I discuss good experiences reading OSCP course reviews (no spoilers), getting organized, sharing links, etc.

Path to OSCP - Part 12, Days 15-17

I have 13 days left in the labs. I am still feeling quite confident - whether this is foolhardy or not, we’ll see at the start of April.

Path to OSCP - OSCP.

Dear Jan, We are happy to inform you that you have successfully completed the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux certification exam and have obtained your O...