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An honest car salesman

8 minute read

How to sum up succinctly the introspection, discussions, internal debates, and shifts in world view that has I’ve gone through in the past year.

Learning through the heel

9 minute read

It's a common Finnish idiom; it's effectively the same as "learning it the hard way", but I love the more visceral feeling of our version.

Blaming is boring, focus on fixing

11 minute read

It’s been a while since I last did a rant post, but this is something I need to vent about: I am sick of the cop-out that “the user is of course the weakest ...

Re: Re: Re: Discovering yourself

19 minute read

I realized I want to take care of people, not focus on generating revenue. If you want to follow along how I got to this revelation, read on.

Finding your own Flask of Mana

11 minute read

A train of thought status update that morphed into a post about recuperating mentally from pushing around imaginary bits.

Act. Inspire. Motivate. Act.

6 minute read

I read an interesting concept today: action leads to inspiration, which leads to motivation, which leads to more action.

What do you want to be known for?

4 minute read

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things but mainly about how I could become a KPI — key person of influence — within my industry.

Vulnerability research of the personal kind

4 minute read

In a world of ultra competitive, apparently transparent labor markets everyone needs to shine brighter than everyone else. How about a wholly different appro...

Why should anyone care about my goals?

3 minute read

If you are wise and skilful, you are busy. That is a fact. Not busy as in not having any time, but needing a proper reason for divvying that time for someone...

Elegance and Pragmatism

4 minute read

Different groups require different virtues. Development focuses on elegance and operations on pragmatism. Sometimes these are in conflict.