Well... sorta.

I am -- no, I did not keep taking the exam from y'all. Nope, not THAT done.

Let me explain ...

But as far as aiming to pwn new machines, yeah. I have quenched my thirst for more pwnage and am actually feeling like I want to be done with the course so I can move on to actually apply these skills on projects instead of the lab.

After a solid 10 days of good progress on multiple quite hard machines, I finally reached a certain calm; a level of confidence in my skills and processes. This was the first time this has happened to me during PWK.

When I was ending my first month, I was hacking away until the bitter end of a disconnecting VPN. I was not done. Not nearly.

When I was preparing mentally for the first attempt, I knew it was a mental fifty-fifty which really means that I have no clue and it could go either way, not that I actually calculated the chances to be even. Objectively deep down I probably knew it was more of a long shot than anything else.

I feel hesistant in saying this, as it might come bite me in a few weeks, but I do feel like I am ready.

So I made the choice to redo the course exercises and document them to best of my abilities in addition to redoing my lab report with 1/3rd the machines I had in my previous report. I want a solid 5+5 points from this.

My next post will be right after my exam has ended on 13th August. Before that I want to minimize distractions of all sorts.

In August I will be OSCP.

JW out.