Protip Of The Day™:
Crawl, Walk, Run. Do not skip go. Start from the start.

Nifty alias for non-full terminal sessions:

alias nonempty="egrep -v '^[ \t]*#|^$'"

Prints out the lines that don't begin with a comment and actually contain some data - i.e. "what does this config file actually set?"

Priming - they talk about try harder, harder, harder and your mind primes to the state that everything is hard i.e. difficult. Nassssty hobbitses!

My Google profile is going to be pretty interestingly colored once this course is over after all of the exploit queries I have sent it.

Also: fun to spot people asking for help on a 'non-descript' linux C compilation error where I can see from the #include statements that they are trying to compile the exact same Linux kernel 2.6.xx exploit that I was trying to.

This is a shorter blog now, I need to get back to checking my low priv shells now for obvious clues I might have missed in yesterday's tunnelvision haze.

Work smart. Not hard. Try Harder just means Try More, not More Complex.