Brief notes I had for myself:

Passed OSCP (YAY!)
- Share HOWTO
- Many many thanks for everyone who has reached out during and after the exam
- Shoutout to @SecWorX - Your story blew me away, thank you!


1st month:
- 40 hr/wk work
- 7x6 = 42hr/wk studies (total 180h during first 30d)

2nd month:
- still 40h/wk work
- 7x5 ~35h/wek studies

- on 68th day
- last week before exam only lab doc + exercises
- started at 1600 local time
- sleep at 0330
- woke up 0700
- final root at 1030

Total of 35 machines done.
Weakest link: Windows Priv esc.

What's next:

Reverse engineering (see bookmarks)

OSCE maybe 2017?

WiFu / OSWP - wireless

Doing some coding in Go or Rust - Need to keep my developer brain happy/activated.

But first:
- Recuperating from the exertion
- Find the sweetspot for hours/week for learning stuff vs relationships and mental exhaustion

Part 1: Recap

Part 2: How to prepare for OSCP

That's it.

This concludes my Path to OSCP since I have achieved that goal. I will most probably do a Path to OSCE when it is its time and will let y'all know through this blog, twitter, youtube and linkedin.

In the meanwhile you will probably see an increasing amount of links and posts here on reverse engineering. I might do some videos on the subject later on once I figure out a good format for that since it is not a directed curriculum as the PWK/OSCP was.

I could do another Q&A episode as an appendix to this series if there is interest / more questions that you want me to answer.